Certon M21 high-end audio power amplifier

Certon M21 is a power amplifier that offers excellent sound quality without the cost, weight and size penalty generally associated therewith.

Because of its unique circuitries, its sound quality is well beyond what is normally expected from an amplifier of its power rating. You can rest assured that the Certon M21 measures up to the highest standards.

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High performance audio, innovation, impeccable quality and value for money!

Certon believes that a true high-performance power amplifier for domestic use should not only convey audio transparently with an artificial strictly resistive load generally used as a basis for technical specifications, but also with a real loudspeaker. Any loudspeaker is a reactive load that challenges the real performance of amplifiers. Through Certon´s cutting edge technologies, traditional trade-offs are circumvented, resulting in affordable, truly high-performance power amplifiers.

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Certon's ground-breaking Truly-Constant Voltage Mode technology

Certon amplifiers are load invariant, meaning there is no deterioration of sound quality due to inevitable impedance variations of loudspeakers. Certon amplifiers employ an innovative and unique biasing scheme that assures stunningly transparent sound, at an affordable price.

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Certon M21 at Highendmässan in Stockholm, Sweden

Certon M21 at Audio Concept.

We are proud to announce that Audio Concept has Certon M21 in stock. Please visit for a demo and/or purchase. The address is Södra Agnegatan 29, Stockholm.

Certon M21 for the arts connoisseur.

Certon M21 is available in a design edition which is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. It is called "Connoisseur".

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A preview of what is coming...

A new product to be introduced Q1 2015.

Certon unveils M2, a true high-end power amplifier

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Certon at Sweetspot in Jönköping, Sweden April 21 - 22, 2012

Certon at the High-End Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden on February 11 - 12, 2012

Certon Mark 1

Proudly showing Mark 1, by Certon.