Certon M2 Monaural Audio Power Amplifier


Certon M2 is a monaural (monophonic) power amplifier for high quality reproduction of audio. It has a very refined sound, yet it plays even the loudest outbursts with great authority and control, normally expected only from some amplifiers far larger and more expensive.

Certon M2 has a standard RCA-type phono input, a Neutrik XLR-type input, and WBT output poles, to fit most pre-amplifiers or surround processors and loudspeakers. It's a perfect match with many integrated amplifiers that have pre-outputs, to boost performance. It's also perfect for surround channels of many home-theater receivers.

Certon M2 has 12 V trigger inputs and outputs for remote on/off-control.

Certon M2

Its simplistic exterior in brushed stainless steel and frosted opaque white acrylic glass (Acrylite satin-ice) is a nice appointment in any contemporary domestic environment. Its small footprint of only 9.6 x 16.5 cm. (3.8 x 6.5 in.) makes placement practical, e.g. next to the loudspeaker.