Certon M21 Monaural Audio Power Amplifier


Certon M21 is a monaural (monophonic) power amplifier for high quality reproduction of audio. It has the authority and control normally expected only from some amplifiers far larger and more expensive.

The M21 is a good match with practically any loudspeaker, but much engineering effort went into the design of the M21 for creating extra value when mating it with a current craving loudspeaker, i.e. a loudspeaker having low impedance. A powerful switch-mode power supply that has a capacitor bank of more than 15,000 uF provides clean power also during heavy loading. Moreover, the amplifier employs Certon's proprietary Truly-Constant Voltage Mode (TCVM) technology for enhanced stability and damping.

So while many power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers and home-theater receivers have higher power ratings than the M21, high current capability, stability and damping of the M21 may be advantageous. It may even make sense to connect the M21 to pre-outputs of an integrated amplifier or home-theater receiver having a higher power rating. The M21 may also provide valuable relief to home-theater receivers that have pooled (shared) power supplies.

The M21 features so-called continuous conduction for a broad range of frequencies with many loudspeakers, combined with the efficiency of class AB. Continuous conduction is traditionally a characteristic of class A amplifiers. It reduces so called cross-over distortion.

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Certon M21

Its simplistic exterior in coated* steel, aluminum and acrylic glass (Acrylite) is a nice appointment in any contemporary domestic environment. Its small size of only 20.5 x 20.0 x 12.0cm. (8.1 x 7.9 x 4.7in.) makes placement practical, e.g. in a narrow bookshelf.

*) Available in a selection of colors and finishes