Certon M21 Monaural Audio Power Amplifier


Certon M21 has a standard RCA-type phono input and a Neutrik XLR-type input, to fit most pre-amplifiers or surround processors. It also fits many integrated amplifiers and home-theater receivers, provided they have pre-outputs. Some recent headphone amplifiers and DAC:s also have appropriate outputs for direct connection to the M21.

Loudspeaker connections are provided by means of WBT terminals. They accept bare wire, banana plugs and forks.

Certon M21 has 12 V trigger inputs and outputs for remote on/off-control.

The M21 has extensive protection circuitries for avoiding damage to the amplifier itself as well as to the loudspeakers. A clip indicator alerts the user should the power rating of the amplifier be exceeded.

Connoisseur Edition