Certon M2 Monaural Audio Power Amplifier


Certon M2 is a bridge-mode design. There are four high-power bipolar transistors in the output stage of the amplifier. It is non-inverting. The amplifier employs Certon's proprietary Truly-Constant Voltage Mode (TCVM) technology for enhanced stability and damping. It is capable of driving current-craving loudspeakers with little performance degradation. Certon M2 features continuous conduction - a characteristic of typical class A amplifiers - but with the higher efficiency of class AB.

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Certon M2 has a well controlled sound dispersion. Quiet and loud sounds are well resolved in time e.g. during a crescendo in an orchestra. Furthermore, loud sounds of e.g. percussion are reproduced with little dynamic compression, and are perceived as very punchy and distinct.