Certon products are an expression of excellence. They unleash the full, unrestrained potential of music. Cutting edge technology yields unprecedented performance and good value, making Certon products a preferred choice among discerning audio enthusiasts.

Certon M21 Monaural Power Amplifier

Certon M21 Connoisseur edition

Certon - a well informed choice

Choosing an amplifier that best meets your requirements and expectations can be a daunting exercise. High-end amplifiers are by no means cheap, so it's certainly not a money-no-object choice but to a few. Even if it were, many profoundly expensive products don't satisfy everyones desires, because there is little consensus in the high-end audio community as to what constitutes a good audio product.

Naturally, you have high standards. You don't want to be let down. Do you base your decision on brand perception, or aesthetics, or some measurable quantity deemed to be of importance? It's not easy, is it?

Maybe a product you consider would not meet your expectations. Maybe it is so because it is being recommended to you by someone on merits other than those you value. Maybe it's because its performance does not measure up to the promises of a certain hyped technology. Or its performance does not match its visual appearance in some respect.

Contributing to the high performance of Certon amplifiers is their high open-loop damping factor, generally associated with much more expensive amplifiers. High open-loop damping factor reduces feedback phase errors and in effect improves feedback linearization in the presence of loudspeakers. High damping factor is accomplished through Certon's proprietary Truly-Constant Voltage Mode (TCVM) technology.

Certon believes that poor feedback linearization may be the cause of harshness and other audible artifacts claimed by some in cheap solid-state amplifiers that employ global feedback.

As compared to vacuum tube amplifiers, the difference in damping factor is monumental. The higher damping factor of Certon amplifiers essentially eliminates loudspeaker-dependent variations in frequency response and sagginess (i.e. a lack of stiffness or assertiveness) that may plague tube amplifiers.

Certon amplifiers have ample power reserves, with a large dynamic current capability for control of even difficult loudspeakers.

If you are really passionate about audio quality, whether you were really on the market for a big, bold solid-state amplifier or considering a tube amplifier, Certon amplifiers offer exceptional value for money. They sound great, are efficient, compact, reliable and lightweight.

Are you ready to make a well informed choice?